The Best Spanish Tourist Attractions Not to Be Missed

Spain is very different with many things to watch and do. While there is an interesting beach share. There is also a classic bullfighting, a white village that cleans up the urban environment of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​colorful and night life, and all the old-fashioned buildings.

Landscape is a little for everyone. There are mountains, harsh desert environments and lush green scenery. So much so that depending on the season you can choose the scenery you want to see and choose a spot in Spain to enjoy it.
There are so many tourist attractions in Spain, so let’s see the best places to visit.

Daredevils heading to Navarra
San Fermín Festival is not to be missed. The major event is El Encierro, where some enthusiastic locals and perhaps some foreigners are trying to run away ahead of the bull and do not trample! For the crowd to urge the release of 12 bulls on the road, the Fiesta Festival is a fantastic experience. It’s important to make sure that you book your experience with a travel agency in Spain, and be sure you can join fun and safe. You do not want to miss fun because you are not planning enough. Organization is the key to ensuring that you will not be left out of the one thing.

To enter the competition, you need a pair of comfortable shoes, and in town from 6 to 14 July. This event aired nationwide on a yearly basis and has enjoyed more than three decades. Initially, the cattle were moved from the suburbs to the shooting range. Young people will run to show their humanity by wearing traditional white shirts and pants. Cities in Portugal and Spain continue to have the same challenges for youth.

Medieval city of Cuenca
Conveniently located within easy reach of both Valencia and Madrid, this medieval city on the side of the mountain allows you to know that this is a business. There are many houses that dare to hang over the edge of the cliffs, and Instagram snap on the nearby streets, because of the medieval buildings and the place where they are located. Castilla la Mancha has a special place in the center of Cuenca.

Anyone interested in medieval or architectural developments over the centuries, will find Cuenca an interesting place to visit. With a close acquaintance with Madrid, it is a good day to consider when not too far.

Prado and Paseo del Artes, Madrid
There is so much to do and see in Madrid. Although it is a work of art. It is one of the best places to visit for some impressive pieces of art that can not be seen anywhere. The one-mile (El Paseo del Arte) tree lined with trees. It is a great place to walk to find a museum that is very popular in this area.

The Prado is an impressive building. But the invaluable artwork inside is the best you can find elsewhere. The Reina Sofia Museum holds Picasso and many Dalí in 15,000+ pieces. There are just too many art lovers to see while in Madrid. Check out the gallery on the gallery’s website and decide where to go during your visit.

The Alhambra, Granada, Southern Spain
The plateau with rolling hills in the background is the location of the Alhambra, a collection of structures in Granada. The palace had its origin in the Nasrid sultans in the 14th century. It seems to have crossed the fortress, surrounded the fortress and all the great fortress together. The structures and well-maintained grounds attract many tourists every year who are fascinated by the history and age of the Alhambra, where they can imagine how wealthy they are in the past century.

Alcazar and La Giralda towers
The Seville Cathedral, also known as the La Giralda tower, along with the Alcazar, as well as the protected historical sites of the UNESCO-protected Almohad, has become a signature place for people who are heralding from Seville. The temple, which is surprising for those who first came. Looking up at the bright yellow light coming from the ceiling is one of the most recognizable. Whether you are religious or not, the trip to Seville is not complete.

The difficulty of visiting Spain is to decide what to join while you are there. You have to narrow your focus and choose the best place to visit. It may be a good idea to have several hobbies and combine them with each city or city to visit in order to get the most out of each place. It would be easy to spend two weeks in a single city and not get bored. There is just so much interest that you are really spoiled for choice and to limit your focus will not help GE.

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