Southern mountains with hidden beauty !!! Phatthalung

Misty Mountain … take the body to find a miracle that nature has created a Kuan dance to say that I have to see with my own eyes.

The bird dance is at Khao Sai Khao, Amphoe Kongwan, Phatthalung, a viewpoint of the newly opened sunrise. There is a restaurant and coffee shop on offer.

This trip starts with the boredom and fatigue of many physical traumas. In Bangkok, it’s boring I invite many friends. You open the warp to see the fog at Uncle City. Traveling here must park the car below the foot of the pickup truck and pick up the car for 60 baht (go – back) or who will drive the site, but be careful not. Relatively steep

We leave Bangkok for a while, but we have a steady flow of views. It will be cool. I went to the apartment and went out to take a picture of the atmosphere in the evening and early evening.
Southern mountains with hidden beauty !!! Phatthalung
Let’s have a picture with the stars tonight. Good morning, good night Zzzz

Good morning! ^^ The original corner is more then the morning. Cool weather With all the tourists and tourists who come to see the beauty of the morning, a large group coming soon, this is just hit 5 more than 555.

The light begins to shine through the mountain that hid the hiding of the sunrise. Blue began to gradually change color. From black to purple From purple to pink From pink to orange. Look at it and really enjoy it.

Wait wait anxiously To welcome the smiling sun

มะ มะ มะ มะ มะ มะ มะ มะ มะ I’m not sure what to do.

Tik may like to take birdies to sip in the wild. We have no one to hire just hot coffee ordinary glass. With the millions of spectacular scenery is fascinated enough, huh? เย คำ

Who came to Phatthalung and want to find the beauty hidden behind the mountains in the morning. Pin pointing to the map and then “Sip coffee and mist”.

Address: T. Khlong Sai Khao, Amphur Phanang, Phatthalung 93180
Tel: 08 3891 8187
Travel: You must park your car at the bottom of the hill and pick up a four-pick-up truck for 60 baht (go-back) or who will drive the site up, but be careful. Relatively steep
Accommodation: – Mini House Price 1,000 Baht / Night
– Big house price 2,000 baht / night
– Dome House Price 800 Baht / Night / Night
– Tents start at 500 baht / night.

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