Maiton Island, Maldives of Andaman Only 15 minutes from Phuket!

เกาะไม้ท่อน มัลดีฟส์แห่งอันดามัน เดินทางจากภูเก็ตเพียง 15 นาที!

If you think of the beautiful sea in Thailand, of course, the sea in the Andaman coast is considered one of the beauty. Both the clear sea water And the beauty of the beach The water color that crosses the sand perfectly Is a destination for all sea tourists

Phuket is known as the pearl of the Andaman Sea. Surrounded by dozens of islands, large and small, waiting for tourists to explore Which today we choose to travel to Maiton Island The island that we have heard of for a long time but has never had a chance. Many people suggest that this is the closest island to Phuket and the beauty is second to none. Hearing this makes it easy to make a decision to travel immediately. Because we also want to know that the 15 minute time from Phuket side to that Mai Ton Island We will see and see!

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