Excursion to Soraksan, leaves changing color Looking for red leaves in Korea

เที่ยว ซอรัคซาน ใบไม้เปลี่ยนสี ตามหาใบไม้แดงที่เกาหลี

Let’s see that Soraksan leaves change color. How beautiful

Before visiting Sorakshan, the leaves change color We collected the information first. Normally, Korean color change leaves will begin around the end of September. But the best time to watch Like the red-orange color It will be around late October to early November. It is a time that attracts many tourists to come to Korea each year. As well as the Korean people coming out during this time

For places to see autumn leaves in Korea, it will be based on various national parks. Which is the most famous place To watch the leaves change color in Korea is Surakshan National Park, sure enough. Who wants to see the red leaves this year? Let’s see how well if going to Soraksan on the autumn leaves to see beautiful scenery.

Seoraksan National Park is located in Sokcho City. Kangwon do Province Is a large park with an area of ​​354 square kilometers And is one of the most beautiful places to see autumn leaves changing in Korea This is the first place. In Korea where the leaves begin to change color Usually begins to change color around the end of September But will be slow, it will be faster depending on the weather in each year too And seen in the picture above is Bear Monument The symbol of the park is sure enough.

Natural scenery in the Sorakan National Park is so beautiful that it is called Switzerland of Korea. At the top of the park We will see the granite mountains comprising Osorak Nezorak and Nam Saurak, the mountains in the outer and the south. In addition, this park is also called the Four Seasons Park because of Very beautiful nature in every season Can travel all year round


On the Soraksan Park In addition to visiting the leaves changing colors On top there is also a beautiful tourist attraction, such as the Sinheungsa Temple, an ancient temple built in the Chilla kingdom, aged over 1,000 years and is also a large Buddha image of Buddha statue. Before going up to see the view on the top of the mountain, many tourists come to visit and worship at this temple.

Visiting Soraksan, the leaves change color, and have to go up to see the scenery of the mountains that are full of beautiful red leaves. Gwongeumseong Fortress to conquer the top of the mountain and watch the surrounding scenery For a fee to go back to the basket at 10,000 won. Who intends to come to the basket If coming to a festival that is a lot of people Suggesting that you come to reserve the queue first Because many people and queues are very long

When going up to the top The basket will be parked at the same point as the rest Will have a shop Selling snacks for us to stop and refuel before walking up the hill to the top of Gwongeumseong Fortress Once again, who will go to the top of the mountain will have to go up the stairs. And when he reached the top of the mountain there was no ladder This is where fun is visited because we have to gradually Walking and climbing up to the top, suggesting that you take care of yourself and take precautions too. Or who do not want to walk up, he can see the scenery around The parking lot can be found here. From this top, look where it is beautiful.


In addition to sitting up the basket to watch The leaves change color in Korea and the Soraksan National Park also has hiking trails for tourists to enjoy. By going along the various routes Pass the temple and bridge over the beautiful stream On the way to walk, we will be able to see the beautiful scenery of the leaves. How? Before coming here, don’t forget to get fit. Rest Will be able to come and have fun Please say that I have walked a lot.


Looks really envious of the Korean people. There is a color changing season to see the beauty every year. Would like our house to have this season? But the weather in our house is not like his house With the location of the country and many other factors So if anyone wants to see Color change leaves Another special moment from nature is to go on a Korean tour. Say one word, don’t miss!

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