Dreams are not just dreams anymore. “BHUTAN” The Land of the Thunder Dragon

The dream is not just a dream anymore. Finally, we have pictures taken of ourselves. Bhutan, the land of the dragon, the lightning, the natural wind, and the dream come true.
Hello, last June. We have a chance to visit the land of dreams. The dream for a long time. Bhutan We first heard of this country in the fifth grade in the social book about GNH, and it was the first time that King Jigme came to Thailand to celebrate his birthday. The King of Treasures is 60 years old. After almost 8 years, but we still feel good to go to this country. There is no reason to take it. At that time, I was studying at the University. There were students from Bhutan. So we went to get to know each other until today. Thailand is a major country. Bhutanese people often come to study, study, do business, shopping and medical services. Many universities in Thailand have granted scholarships to Bhutanese students. We bought books about Bhutan almost all over Thailand that it was. Where do you order it? See all the travel items to go to Bhutan. Bhutan travel and tourism page, we hit the 555. I have become a true fan ever.
Finally, the day of my arrival The dream is true. After studying the data for years. Travel to Bhutan by Bhutan airlines or Tashi air. Book B3 701 to check in at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Over 3 in. If you do not remember because 6.30 file to the people quite a lot. We rushed to see the departure board. Admit that very excited. Check out Row K check in both Thai and Bhutanese people are waiting to check in. The long queue because there are Indian passengers, but we buy tickets for the Premium economy do not have to wait for 5555. I do not have any. After we checked in and passed, we went to the computer. There will be a bus of Thai Airways to get us on the machine again.
After the machine came. We have come across the Thai people who come with the Thai tour of Bhutanese, Chinese, Japanese, Gujarati and Indian. I sit 3C seats in the front of the Premium economy. Next to the Business class, the seat is fairly wide. The legs are comfortable. Ok so much 555 Left with a western aunt sitting. The right side is Thai people. Come as a group tour. There are newspapers, Nation and Keunsel and Kuzuzangpola Airlines magazine to read with. The air is on Bhutanese people. Kira’s national costume is unique. Passengers are gradually up to their own seats.
… there is a passenger who is very familiar with it! We have to go. Chencho Gyeltshen CG 7 Bhutanese national football player who is the hero of the people that it is not that it. His nickname is The Ronaldo of Bhutan. But we hit the IG by the latest sporadic saw him in Phi Phi. I think it would be relaxing after the training with Stool United. We have just come to know that Shanko has attended the same school with his friend Bhutan. He said that he likes to donate money to school often. I like football from my childhood. This is a small profit to visit Bhutan this time. The world is really round It is because the people in the country is not much, and the city is not big. Most people in the city are known. Relatives really much.
Take off the air to take the air to bring water to serve it. Chicken or Vegetarian can be selected. The car will stop at. The Calcutta in India to receive passengers. If lucky, the sky is clear. We will have the opportunity to see the Himalayas. The captain will announce to us. But we do not sit in the window, I see it. I will see you later. I do not know how good it is. But after a little conversation with us aunt. We have just come to know that your aunt is a Bhutanese husband. Bhutan is not open country. I work in UN at first to study in Bhutan. Baan Pim is close to the hotel where we will stay in Thimphu here. Near the Landing, we will see a lush green mountains ever. See home grown on high spurts. Steps and rivers The view is very beautiful in .. ten mouth that is not visible. Have to look at my own eyes pretty much.
Paro international airport Paro International Airport We have the merit to use the new terminal building just recently built here. Bhutan-style interior decoration, clean bathroom and currency exchange. We exchange the dollar from Suvarnabhumi and then exchange it for Nutrum. (Bhutan currency) After we managed to complete the money exchange. Got a neat bag We went to find a guide with the driver waiting for us at the exit. We tour Bhutan with Local tour called Bhutan Rila Expeditions because the tour is only two people, we are with. The car that is on this tour is a 4WD Hyundai if it is a group tour. Mostly it is a small bus. Guide us with a white scarf. Think of the people here. I saw the frog outside the shell. Our tour program is heading to the capital city of Thimphu. During the car park, we parked suddenly. The guide told us that the car was parked on King’s mother’s car as if it were a royal car. I have to stop the car before him. I noticed from the license plate. We headed to Thimphu. I see the building more. The building is not high. Bhutanese style decoration On the way there is a Toyota Tata showroom similar to Thailand. I started to enter the city. We start seeing shops. Government offices are much more.
Bhutan travels the land of dreams to be in memory forever. After arriving in Thailand for 1 day We miss you very much. I do not care. If you buy a ticket back then do it. Impressed with this country really. This is always love and always love. Bhutan ^^ Talk to me about the small country you love. Line: hypery. Follow English version. Get here: goo.gl/KZHvzj Story Log version of the story is fun.

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