Doing it All in Durban: Easy to See Why Tourists Love this Area

Durban is a coastal city on the east side of South Africa. It is a great destination for those who want to relax on the beach or watch the country and culture different from theirs. It has grown tremendously as it hosts the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Find out why travelers love the area and where they go.

Mini Safari Tour
You can not travel to South Africa and do not see exotic wildlife. In addition to zebra, lion and more, get up close and personal with the actual healer of the Zulu tour. Start at the Lion Garden and then you will head to the bird sanctuary, unlike you see in the United States. Or United Kingdom Next, the tour will head to the reptile park and end with a real dance ritual.

uShaka Marine World
In addition to the botanical gardens tour, such as Disney World, there are many aspects of Marine World, uShaka Beach, Rope Theme Park, Marine Island and wetlands, and the park’s wildlife. Excellent with kids.

Botanical Garden
This is where you want to tour to see all kinds of plants and animals. Or is it a place you can do yourself? Bring your own food and drink to a picnic place with family members. There are plenty of space and wonderful for children who are entertained by birds and flowers. Find out about using the shuttle service from Marriott Protea Durban Edward.

Kingdom of Lesotho
Travel through the steep Sani Pass and meet the locals in the village of Sotho. This empire is an independent country surrounded by South Africa. Consider traveling with friends and family for a lot of travel according to the number of people interested.

St Emmanuel Cathedral
The Catholic Church was designed by South African architects and carved out of Italian marble, a gift from Empress Eugenie. The stones found within the church match the beauty of the exterior structure. You can join as a group in English or in IsiZulu.

Moses Muscat Stadium
Take SkyCar to the top of the stadium kiosk, or walk up to the 500 foot podium. Take the unreachable route to the Segway, or test your courage in Big Swing as a place to go and take time to enjoy the scenery from the side. On the stadium, relax with a night out with a date or with the kids in the afternoon.

Natural Science Museum
This is a place to learn about native animals, especially rhinos, birds and insects. You have to reserve the entire afternoon to wrap the head around all the information presented. It is a small museum. There are also live and circulated exhibits.

Learn about the Zulu culture from the Zulu natives. Visit native interludes, lunch breaks and traditional Zulu dances.

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