5 reasons to visit Gran Canaria in winter

During the winter months there is a dream of escaping to a warm, sunny paradise. Visiting Gran Canaria can make those dreams come true. Gran Canaria is the third largest and most populous island in the world. Canary Islands It’s small. But big in excitement and beauty. The sun-filled beaches, beautiful scenery and many activities await the visitors who want to beat the blues in the winter. Read more here why Gran Canaria is the best winter travel destination.

Beautiful beaches and attractive water.
Gran Canaria is lined with 80 beautiful beaches from the lively Maspalomas to the family-friendly San Agustín to the quiet Puerto de Mogán. Everyone can find the perfect place to sit, relax and sink their feet. In the golden sands Do not miss the resort? No problem. Almost all of them boast their own Seventh Heaven.

Sunshine throughout the year
What amazing beach would be without sun? Gran Canaria and other parts of the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. This place touches on the perfect weather of the warm weather pattern. When it comes to sun, Gran Canaria is an interesting place. This land of eternal spring receives an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. Gran Canaria is one of the sunniest places in the world.

Parks and nature to enjoy.
There is something to do in Gran Canaria, rather than just relaxing on the beach. The island has amazing archaeological sites and amusement parks. The museum and Cueva Pintada Archaeological Park are built on the remains of the Aboriginal settlement. Guests can enjoy wall-paintings and learn the history of the island. Arteara Necropolis is the largest Aboriginal burial site in Gran Canaria, with over 800 graves and graves. Palmitos Park is home to botanical gardens, bird parks and zoos. Back into the woods west of Sioux City witnesses duels, bank robberies, cows and more.

A variety of scenery at every turn.
Gran Canaria along with beautiful beaches. Gran Canaria is also home to a variety of landscapes. The ‘continent in the island’ is nicknamed. ‘Terrain from around the world can be found on this small island from the Sahara like Maspalomas to the center of the mountainous rocky mountains above Gran Canaria. It has been designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Camel through Maspalomas. Trek through Timanfaya National Park or drive from beautiful viewpoints to another island. There are many ways to enjoy this majestic island.

Plenty of outdoor activities
On land or sea, Gran Canaria is an island of adventure and activity. Dive deep into the ocean, watch fantastic whales and snorkel. Have fun playing golf, go kart racing, practicing yoga or shopping in the same day. Do not forget to respond to the flavors at the delicious restaurants and the many wine shops of the island. Local festivals are a must-do! Gran Canaria is a great way to spend the winter.

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