5 Best Asian Cruises

Exciting cruises usually mean booking a cruise ship to the Greek islands, the southern coast of Europe, and even the exotic lands of South America and North Africa. But destinations in Asia are always neglected in this sense. For a long time, Asia has been mistakenly conceived as a residence for budget travelers and nothing else. But this perception is changing. Most of the European cruise destinations are predictable compared to the mixed-tour attractions of new developing Asia cruises. Take a look at the five best cruise ships in the world’s largest continent. This is how

1. Bali and surrounding islands
Bali is one of the most enduring destinations in South Asia. Travelers and bloggers have long been obnoxious and fond of delicious seafood, sun-kissed beaches and budget accommodation and villas. But if you think that Thailand is the only place to enjoy under the sun, think again.

There is a cruise that will take you to tour around the island of Bali. And at each stop you can expect adventure or otherwise. You can live your imagination in Indiana Jones by going on a volcanic tour, or you can relax by snorkeling under these zombie waters. You can also taste local flavors in those markets.

2. Cruise from China to the chef.
Did you know Darren McGrady? He was a chef for the Royal Family in the United Kingdom, including five of America’s most celebrated monarchs. The good news is that he will be a special guest on Seabourn’s special cruise, which will take visitors from Hong Kong’s skyscrapers to Kobe’s great joy in 18 days.

MacGradie will focus on passengers with stories and traces of the royal family as well as his unique food. That’s not all. The ship will stop at Taiwan. It will take a three-day break in Shanghai, where you can see the beautiful city.

3. Journey of Japan
Japan has become a popular destination for cruises in Asia. And Princess Cruises is offering everyone a chance to explore the rising sunland. This trip will take you from Yokohama City to the beautiful harbor of Aomori in a timely manner for the Nebuta Festival.

It is the time of year when the whole country will be alive in its vibrant and colorful celebration. This stop consists of the city of Nagasaki, the historical city of Hakodate, and even the archaeological site of Korsakov in Russia.

In the meantime, you will enjoy the tranquility of Japanese folklore as well as the delicious Yokohama meals.

4. South China to Singapore
To start your cruise on a memorable note, see the traditional and exciting acrobatic dance in Shanghai. After that, you can pack your luggage for the cruise where the final destination will be far in the South Asian island of Singapore. A nine-night cruise on board a ship at Royal Caribbean International.

Traveling from the famous city to other cities will pass through southeast China, which will reach the end of Xiamen. It will stop at Hong Kong with junks, sampans and laser light. As an added bonus, you will also get to stop at Ho Chi Minh City for a night. This is where you can discover Vietnam in style.

5. Borneo and the Philippines
While destinations such as Japan, Vietnam and China are gaining momentum when we start exploring other Southeast Asian destinations such as Borneo and the Philippines. Now, this cruise by Windstar Cruises is actually between the cities of Singapore and Hong Kong. It is also an exciting route for tourists.

In Borneo, you can stroll the beaches of Boracay and rainforest, or even climb up Mount Kinabalu, and you can go snorkeling in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Marine Park when you arrive in the Philippines and you will be lost in the Thousand Islands National Park. There is also a beachfront resort for check-in.

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