10 Points to Stop! Shopping Chill all day @Central Phuket

What to do in Phuket? In addition to the sea, the old town of Central Phuket is one of the newest destinations. Chic, we can live a variety of style in one go shopping, walking, chill, floating market, relax in the tropical forest. Eating menu The shop is all over Thailand. Check-in on the Heavenly Palace. Adventure Park 3D Theme Park here Central Phuket Shopping Center is more than a shopping center. It is like another new destination in Phuket.

Talk to find out that EDTguide talk to take 10 points to stop! Shopping Chill all day @Central Phuket

Great launches for Central Phuket, a shopping center that caters to the lifestyle of travel. Luxury blend And the Thai tropical vacation to EDTguide to prove that before anyone answers the luxury and leisure lifestyle …

1. Rakang
We are proud to announce that our first step into the Central Phuket Shopping Center is to experience the ancient bell hall of Thai-style design. Photography At the entrance to the G floor of the Floresta shore, it blends art and nature into a natural setting.

2. Great Epic
Walk up a bit more to find a replica of a height equivalent to a 2-storey landmark building magnificent from one episode in the Ramayana. Photo Gallery of popular tourist both Thai and foreigners.

3. Tales of Thailand
Walk into the center of floor G is the Floating Market, the charming river of Central. Simplify the waterfront where we can actually buy goods and food from the boat.

4. Taste of the Island
Next to Floating Market is a contemporary dining room decorated in Sino-Portuguese style in the old town of Phuket. There are more than 24 stores in 4 regions such as Huu Phukom Welcome, Guest. Chicken Midnight Chicken And a local Phuket restaurant here. Heavenly eaters can eat all day!
10 Points to Stop! Shopping Chill all day @Central Phuket

5. Craft Village
G floor is Craft Village decorated Thai village. The origin of the good from 4 sectors such as silk antique. Southern native fabric Northeast of Thailand Elephant Thai elephant products come to one of the best shopping in 4 regions!

6. Enchanted Garden
Next to the heavenly paradise is a magnificent heavenly star draws beautifully decorated. Highlights are the sculpture of the rattan from the high rattan to the 3rd floor in the legend is believed to be the residence of Indra. Take a photo and listen to music on the 1st floor.

From heaven to walk to “Cocoon” is the central hall. The Atrium exhibition space and activity hall. Decorated with elegant gold frame. The combination of fishery and handicraft in Phuket.

7. Fashion Destination

Come to the 2nd floor fashion zone! The real shopper’s paradise. Dazzlingly with world-class brands ranging from luxury to high street fashion, the first of its kind in Phuket. Next year, there will be many luxury brands in the world. Waiting to be tracked)

8. Spice of Tropical

Come together at the last floor, 3 floors, characterized by tropical trees and plants. Suitable to sit in the nature on a rattan chair. Have a comfortable angle to take photos. This is another class that includes many restaurants and caf├ęs. Chill well!

9. Tribhum / Aquaria

Tribhum Theme Park, the world’s first 3D fantasy adventure park, the world’s first and only True. It is open to tourists. By the end of November, Aquaria is the Aquarium of the Aquarium, bringing together over 25,000 aquariums. Let’s have a walk the first time. It will open in early 2062 to this.

From Floresta, we crossed to the side of the Festival through a glittering greenhouse. The same automatic flyover used in the airport.
10 Points to Stop! Shopping Chill all day @Central Phuket

10. Public House

Come to the Festival, we will come to the Public House. This is a place to chill and sit back, relax and enjoy the music and food in Phuket such as Kenny Rogers Roasters, Pint Factory, Bamboo Bar & Grill, Piadina, You. Stories and Phuket Coffee Open from 10.30-24.00 hrs.

Bamboo Bar & Grill Beach Lounge Bar

Phuket Coffee Coffee Shop Unlike ordinary coffee beans, the unique taste of coffee.

Kenny Rogers Roasters European Restaurant

Piadina Italian style dessert shop

PINT FACTORY Adult and Thai Beverage Stores

Tribhum and Aquaria are about to launch. Another place to put on the list when visiting Phuket next time!

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